Arthur Lіhanov,Associate Professor eco biotechnology and biodiversity:
- From everywhere receives information about threats of pesticides, various kinds of protection which we use, plus to all this is added GMOs during long time. Can biotechnology be safe?
If to be short, a key difference of biotechnology is a control biological processes, occurring in the most controlled conditions. This advantage allows to avoid influence of unwanted factors which is specific for the environment. Therefore, the question of safety or harmfulness biotechnology products moves into area of rightness understanding their qualities and prediction of consequences that can meet consumers in the long perspective.
- One of the direction of biotechnology is biopharmaceutics. If takes to attention the specificity of our university - this is the study of drugs for animals with using biotechnology. What is the situation in this area? Who of local scientists is responsible and take care about this problems?
There is a tends to form close interdisciplinary connections for the successful development of biopharmaceutics. We are also experiencing similar process, but the individual and collective efforts did not bring enough results. Among of positive changes -stimulation by state of scientists to co-operation with leading European laboratories and keeps financial supporting of transnational research projects greatly accelerates the integration of young Ukrainian scientists into the global scientific community.


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